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Yours Sincerely, Bidisha Jana The School
  • CARE Foundation School is managed by CARE Foundation Trust, established in the year 2011. We believe in MAN MAKING EDUCATION. We pride ourselves as having our own research team - CARE School Solution and our entire teaching faculty is the member of the team . They are well trained / trainee of CARE School Solution, apart from their academic qualification. They work in a stress free, happy environment, still they are hardworking and maintain the family atmosphere . We encourage the children to treat others with respect and to value the skills and talents of all. Thus they are converted into a true human being with a big heart. . Children here enjoys their learning days by doing and understanding and developing their concept in a crystal clear manner. The development of motor skill through dance and age appropriate physical activities, facilities of vocal and instrumental music, wide range of creative and performing art etc. are the ways our children are preparing themselves to be a responsible citizen with a clear mind and love filled heart. The school inculcates values like - bravery, responsibility, resilience and fun are the key parts to our school culture. Our children are empowered with their learning and desperate to make a difference - this sets our school and our children up well for the future. Parents play a very valuable part in the life of the school and the success of the children. We aim to build on what parents have achieved at home and to act as supportive partners to produce happy and successful children.
Our Approach And Aim
  • Child's holistic development and grooming.
  • We have a non hierarchical system that is based on educator - learner relationship rather than the typical teacher - student relationship - enables a mutual educating and learning experience and environment for us and our children
  • We believe that children are explorers and inventors; they themselves create a learning world around them.
Our Curriculum Objectives For Initial Years Of The Children Are Based On The Following Parameters Classes We Cater
  • Pre Nursery (2.5 yrs)
  • Nursery (3.5 yrs)
  • L.Kg (4.5 yrs)
  • U.Kg (5.5 yrs)
  • Std I (6.5)
School Mission
  • Our purpose is to promote the full development of all pupils by providing a secure, professional and caring environment in which each pupil is encouraged to reach his or her individual potential, academically, socially and emotionally and is prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. These goals are to be achieved in the context of a modern Indian environment.
Our Strength
  • Lies within the family system that is the child's primary source of social interaction. It is the first and the most lasting experience for the child and thus, family as a unit remains extremely important to us.
  • We move with the parents in their child's complete development
Methods Of Educating
  • Play and Games
  • Exploratory activities
  • Exposure Visits
Classroom Experiences
  • Art and Craft
  • Drawing and Colouring
  • Social Interaction
  • Theatre activities
  • Dance and Music
  • Social Interaction