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  • Everybody want to be lucky, but how ? Use positive energy around your cost home in and around every nook and corner, use wind chimes with ganesh ji , chirping birds and live plants, if you have a stopped clock, immediately remove it or try to make it running. Follow the tips as mentioned below
    1) In the entrance door put a picture or statue of Ganeshji 
    2) Remove all stopped watches
    3) Use a subdued light in the closed door liveng room
    4) plan and help the distressed people with food and clothing s
    5) Give respect to age old peoples.
About Care Foundation
CARE Foundation Trust is an organization which has a moto to EDUCATE AND ENLIGHTEN INDIA. It has attained its height through Comprehensive and Applied Research on Education(CARE). more..

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Director's Message
We believe Education is the route to the economic prosperity and it starts from the elementary level. By improvement of the teaching techniques and of the information being taught, education can be improved and benefit the lives of many as well as the prosperity of a region or country.
Our intention is to strengthen the education system (based on national curriculum framework, follow the rules of CBSE), minimize the existing differentiation in the field of education and provide the scope of quality education to all Indian citizen. Read More...